National Center for Neurosurgery

The National centre for Neurosurgery is one of the leading clinics in Central Asia, providing a full range of neurosurgical services, starting from diagnosis and ending with the rehabilitation of patients with the help of the most modern methods of treatment. Material and technical base of the Centre is unique for Central Asia and it meets the highest international standards, allowing an accurate diagnosis with the selection of the most appropriate method of treatment in each case. The Centre employs 92 doctors and 185 nurses, 48% of doctors possess the highest category, 2 of them are Doctors of Medical Science, 17 of them are Candidates of Medical Sciences and 1 Candidate of Biological Sciences, 6 of them have PhD degree

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Head of the Department of Physiotherapy and Balneotherapy
Takenov Zhanat
Head of the Department of Vascular and Functional Neurosurgery
Makhambetov Yerbol
Neurosurgeon of the Department ofBrain Neurosurgery
Teltayev Daniyar
Head of the Department of Brain Neurosurgery
Ryskeldiev Nurzhan
Head of Department of the Pediatric Neurosurgery
Olenbay Gabit
Head of the Department of Neurorehabilitation
Mustafayeva Alina
Head of the Department of Spinal Neurosurgery and Pathology of Peripheral Nervous System
Kerimbayev Talgat
Neurosurgeon of the Department of spinal neurosurgery and pathology of peripheral nervous system
Aleinikov Victor
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