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JSC "National Scientific Center of Neurosurgery" Kazakhstan has received the certificate of accreditation of the International Joint Commission (Joint Commission International, JCI), which is the most prestigious and objective recognition of quality and safety in health services organizations. "JSC" National Scientific Center of Neurosurgery" is the second organization in Kazakhstan and the third in the CIS, which received accreditation JCI.
JCI accreditation is the "gold standard" - the most prestigious and objective recognition of quality and safety in health services organizations. In this area, JCI is the largest and oldest organization in the world. Availability JCI accreditation improves the competitiveness of medical organizations, "- said in a statement. Accreditation status is awarded only if, according to the inspection team of auditors from the International Joint Commission, the organization meets the requirements of international standards in 1200. Accreditation Certificate valid for three years, followed by re-evaluation of the adoption of a decision on accreditation. 
JSC "National Scientific Center of Neurosurgery " - the first organization in Kazakhstan, independently accredited by the Joint Commission International JCI without foreign control, which proves the high potential of Kazakh personnel - doctors, nurses and health administrators. The clinic is constantly striving to improve the quality of services provided by participating in other programs, evaluating and improving the quality of services (certification according to international standards ISO, receive national accreditation , participation in the competition for the award of the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, "Altyn Sapa" ). "Having a JCI accreditation is also regarded as a pledge of trust of medical tourists - patients traveling outside their country in search of quality health services. Worldwide, about 450 JCI accredited health care organizations in more than 90 countries.